This project began it's planning stages in January of 2015 in Park City, Utah and was completed in August of that year. This project couldn't have been completed without the help of my good friend Miguel Galaz. He helped me facilitate this roughly 1,300sqft mural under a tunnel on the Poison creek trail. This was a community painted project where we had a design drawn out and the many bikers, runners, and anyone else who passed by was given the opportunity to spray paint a small portion of the piece. In the end an estimated 1,000 people from all over the world had a hand in completing the mural. The idea was to pull the creative out of people that wouldn't normally engage in a creative process. Some would paint one triangle, while others stuck around for longer. Many posted to #poisoncreek mural on Instagram, where a community of participants developed. 

Beginning stages of the project were written up in the Park Record and can be found at the Park Record.

With a small grant from the University of Utah and help from various community members, we were able to fund this project almost entirely. The generosity of many participants made sure we had enough paint for the next time we came out. 

A write up about the project's completion can be found at the Park Record.

Special thanks to these people for helping me see this through: Miguel Galaz, Jessika Jeppson, Rosi Hayes, Lindsay Larsen, Beth Krensky, Jenny Diersen and the city council, Amy MacDonald and the rest of the Young Artist Academy, Terry Burden and PCTV, Scott Iwasaki and the Park Record, Aalex and Clint from Home Depot, my amazing co-workers at Zoom, and mostly my wife for putting up with me in the process.







Photo Credit: The Park Record


Photo credit: www.christinearmbruster.com